Ascension Northwest -- a collection of creative and passionate individuals with one aim: to entertain. Founded on Northwest talent and drive, Ascension Northwest is creating mobile applications, Board and Role-playing Games, as well as publishing novels. With Ascension Northwest there is something for everyone.

The Story:

We are drawn to stories.

In fantasy we can garner insights into unexpected events that echo into reality and guide us in our daily lives. In biography we walk in another’s shoes, through adventure we learn courage and perhaps a trick or two. These vehicles allow us to traverse the byways that others experience adding this to our own selves thereby becoming more than we were before. Ascension offers many titles for your reading pleasure.

The Game:

Table top, Role-playing or the Mobile Application. No matter what the platform the game is another of the entertainments that enrich our daily lives. At Ascension Northwest we specialize in creating ground breaking game entertainments in virtually every platform.