Do You Remember Synnibarr?

Do You Remember?

Do you remember the first time you played Synnibarr? If you said "Yes, yes, OH, YESSSSS!!!" then you're not alone! Check out what Richard Garfield, Ph.D., the creator of "Magic: The Gathering" has to say:

"Dungeons and Dragons was a transformative experience for me. Before I was exposed to it, I liked games -- perhaps I even loved games. After D&D, I was a game disciple. Role playing was so different and so powerful that it affected not only the way I saw games but the way I saw life. I could see places where large numbers of players could play in a wide variety of worlds. I could see schools run where every subject was taught by role-playing games. There was a magic in the air that transcended games.

"Years have passed, and I do far less role playing than I would like. I play an occasional game here or there. I have participated in the design of role-playing games. I have friends who have designed role-playing games, from the biggest sellers to the smallest indy game. I hate to admit it, but perhaps I have become a bit jaded. I have seen too many focus groups, too many want-to-be novelists using role playing as their outlet, too many games that are on the fringe, just to be on the fringe.

"Raven, with his World of Synnibarr, sends me back and makes me feel like I am 13 again. He is not trying to make his game for the masses. He is not a frustrated novelist. He is not a jaded designer trying to distance himself from old-school role playing. He is overflowing with the excitement, the energy, and the love for the wonderful world of fantasy role playing that I remember from so long ago. Perhaps he is a little mad - creators often are. Synnibarr is big, fantastic, exciting, and dangerous. It has both magic and science - and not just the obligatory goblin steam punk. It is not made to be a movie; it is not a licensed world. This is the work of someone who has been consumed by the power and promise of role playing for people who love role playing."

Do you remember?

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