The World of Synnibarr 3rd Edition has been released through DriveThrougRPG!

The Kickstarter details:
Raven has been periodically sending out preliminary PDF versions to the backers. The Kickstarter will be fulfilled in three 8-1/2 x 11 hard bound books. These are very similar to and will supersede the preliminary PDF files.
The contact information of some of the backers is obsolete. If you have not been receiving PDF files lately and/or have not gotten a notification by May 15, 2015 then we don't know where you are now, or your notification went into your spam folder.
We sent out 191 invitations and 35 kickstarter backers downloaded the PDF
Please send your current contact information to

There will be three books released in series to fulfill the kickstarter and more than a dozen other books are in the pipeline.

May 2015: The Ultimate Adventures Guide I. This is the Synnibarr player's rulebook. It includes:
It has been released on PDF, and books will be available soon.

Adventurer character creation
Races, guilds, and organizations
The basic combat system
The book of the mystic arts

June 2015 Temporal Illusions
This is a Synnibarr based novella and is not part of the Kickstarter. We are releasing it while awaiting the final art for The Worldship Atlas.

July 2015: The Worldship Atlas. This is the Synnibarr monster book. It includes:

Physical details of the Worldship,
Languages and currency,
Transportation, werewinds,
Continental descriptions,
Cities of import,
Monsters, denizens, and deities.

August 2015: The Book of Fate. This is the Synnibarr referee's rulebook. It includes:

Referee's guide for the Synnibar Centiverse.

Find out what Fate has in store for you!