This is the official Errata and Frequently asked questions section for The Ultimate Adventures Guide I.

1. General note: The terms merit value, merit cost and merit, are the same save for one instance. The term merit value is for skills that start with a base value before any merit is added. This is used for the general skills. Otherwise the merit listed is for the cost to acquire the ability/skill. In the case of provisions it is the amount of merit the provision is worth. This merit is used by Fate for the balancing of missions.

2. Cybernetics Body Mod 5: reduce merit cost and money to 10 merit and $100,000 dollars. This is the same as normal at the ratio of $10,000 per merit point. Ther cybernetic ability grants a +10 to start... thus the 10 merit value and the 100,000 cost.

3. Hell Iron: remove the absorption note as the material must be in contact to absorb a victim's soul.

4. Rune Craft Note: AU's... Remove the note about AU's. There are no AU's (any more) What were AU's... well, suffice it to say it was my "Spell Tax" as the team came to call it.

5. AUTOMATIC BONUSES: We have established FIRM limitations in regards to the bonuses you get from any non-merit based source, be it a spell, cybernetics etc. This limit is +200. Now, with the merit based bonuses using the 5 speed transmission, are open ended; yet these bonuses are held in close control due to the expense of the adjustments at the higher speeds. Now with this said, we come to the area of the AUTOMATIC bonuses. Bonuses that come from the physical nature of the event itself. Such as beam attacks, which by virtue of velocity adds a +20 to shot rolls, or using a shield, which adds +30 to the block. These types of bonuses are added to the limitation of +200.
The list of Automatic Bonuses is as follows: Race, Guild, General Skill Bonus, Size difference, Type of attack/defense: Beam-attack, Wide-beam, Area-effect, Shields etc. Stationary targets, and lastly any Fate made bonuses.

6. Character Sheet: In the line that starts out with Bi-peds cannot exceed 20 m/s... Drains a minimum of 1 con per use + 1 con per minute. This is the con required to engage the character's full force score.
Global search and replace: The words “Merit Cost” have been removed from the listing of the spells/guilds/races etc. The listing merit always implies the cost to acquire.
Page 20, Step 1.1 character creation: IMPORTANT: With the exception of the Beravan’s, the bonus actions are ONLY granted if the subject weights 45kg or less.
Page 21, Step 2: In the case of a subject purchasing two guilds, add the both the guild/org bonuses to general skills and combat stats.
Page 32, Halfbreeds: NOTE: The subject must remain below 45 kg to get the additional actions per turn.
Page 32, Vladd Bite: Racial ability: Vampiric bite. Protomantic dominions: Chiromancy, damage transfer. Powerbase: None +Mutations. Constitution: None +Special. Merit value: 10.
Casting time: 1 action. Range: Touch. Duration: Draining blood is a concentration ability and requires contact. Once in contact, Fate-grapple to evade.
Effect: Bite: 4 damage + FDA, BPF: 3. Drain 1 Con point per second from victim. The vampire inflicts damage every second and heals the user ½ of that damage and/or restores 1 Con for every 5 Con drained from a victim. +1 damage per 10 Cogency; +1 BPF per 100 additional merit; Max BPF: 100. Draining a target of all Constitution reduces he/she/it to 0 Con points. At 0 the target is unconscious for 1d6 minutes. At 0 Con points the victim begins to lose 10 life points per second of draining. Users cannot restore themselves above normal Con or Life Points.
Page 39, Bloodmages: Effect: The bloodmage can make a target suffer severe cramps: -10 on all Shot/Fate rolls for the duration of the cramps, - 1 per 1,000 Cogency points; Max -200. Targets reduce the duration of the cramps as they would the duration of a stun effect. See Stun, Metabolic Shock.
Page 44, Protomantic dominions: Defense: For defensive abilities that may or may not have a Fate-block/dodge bonus. This bonus is added once when the ability is 1st invoked. Sphere and armor effects once established do not require a block to use. Flat shields must be used to block each time and the +30 block automatic bonus is always added when used. See shield.
Page 45, Merit: Merit: This is the amount of Merit that must be allocated for the character to be able to memorize the ability. Merit can also be allocated within an ability to permanently adjust aspects of its functionality and most importantly the ability’s Cogency. The term Merit value is to determine the cogency of a ability not acquired by allocating merit.
Page 55, Ball Lightning: Effect: Manifests as a 10cm dia sphere of bluish, white light: Does 1 point of damage per Cogency point or may be used to stun. To stun a subject(s), requires 100 cogency per 1 kg. Subject(s) roll a metabolic shock to resist.
Page 79, Spell Haste: Effect: Powerbased abilities can be used at the minimum casting time. This spell cannot be used to cast itself. Abilities that require “minutes” may be done in a minimum of 1 minute, “hours” in 1 hour minimum. See Page 157, decreasing casting times.
Page 81, +20 on any General skill: Effect: Physical mutation. No manifestation, the adjustment is permanent and the general skill selected for augmentation cannot be changed once selected. For instance, the subject might choose to increase agility +20 points or add 10 to Fate/shot/force. This may only be added once to any one General skill or any one particular stat.
Page 83, Ornautus: Merit: 20 for steel, plus 200 for titanium, +400 for Black Titanium; +500 for Hadrathium and another +600 for Pelleum. (1,720 merit total for pelleum bioarmor.)
Page, 88, Velocitus: Hyperkinesis actions per second augmentation. Base cogency is 160-1,000.
Page 115, Powerarmors: *With the exception of actions, Force and the Merit of the hand blaster, max 20 Merit in any one stat to start. TANC: may add up to 100 merit.
Page 127, Cybernetics: Body Mod-5 (Enhanced targeting) (Item) Cost: $100,000.
Adjustments: + 1 to Shot per $100,000.
Body Mod-6 (Bio-filter and life support) (Item) Plus 1 hour per $10,000 up to 23 hours max.

Page 135, Surprise Reaction general skill: The player must roll on or above the surprise action score to NOT be surprised; a roll of 00 ALWAYS succeeds.
Page 140, Automatic bonuses: Automatic bonuses: These are ALWAYS added and may surpass the +200 limitation for non-merit based bonuses. These are based on the physical nature of the event, the protomantic dominions, or the abilities of some races and guilds. The +30 Fate-block, with any shield and/or the +20 Shot for all beam attacks, are good examples.
Page 149, Sacrifice: If the Fate was successful, the defender and attacker roll a FLAT advantage. The defender must tie or win the FLAT advantage roll, for a successful sacrifice. If the defender wins FLAT advantage, the subject avoids the incoming attack and may take an action; if the defender fails, the attack is successful.
Page 152, Surprise:
Surprise reaction: The defender rolls surprise reaction. Failure to meet or exceed the surprise action roll indicates the subject is surprised. IMPORTANT: a natural roll of 00 ALWAYS succeeds.
Duration of surprise: 2 action segments, no more than 1 second.
Page 156, adjusting a provision: Decreasing the Energy Drain: Same as decreasing the base Con cost. $1,000 per merit point, this merit is added to the merit of the item for the calculation of cogency.
Adventuring: Ruins and Crypts: The very real possibility of resurrection prompted many wealthy individuals to construct elaborate vaults to protect their wealth for when they return. Thousands of these can still be found.


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