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Synnibarr: A History

Synnibarr: A History

In Which we Learn About the History of the Development of Synnibarr From the Author Himself


Have you ever wondered exactly HOW Synnibarr came to be?

The official history says development on the game began in 1977 -- written by hand, then typed, by the way -- with the first edition being released in 1980, and the second mass market release taking place in 1993.


This is the official Errata and Frequently asked questions section for The Ultimate Adventures Guide I.

1. General note: The terms merit value, merit cost and merit, are the same save for one instance. The term merit value is for skills that start with a base value before any merit is added. This is used for the general skills. Otherwise the merit listed is for the cost to acquire the ability/skill. In the case of provisions it is the amount of merit the provision is worth. This merit is used by Fate for the balancing of missions.

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Raven McCracken, our game designer

The Man, the Myth, the ... McCracken!

In which Raven McCracken presents his bio for the curious.

Bio: Raven c.s. McCracken was born decades before what we call the Internet.

Do You Remember Synnibarr?

Do You Remember?

Do you remember the first time you played Synnibarr? If you said "Yes, yes, OH, YESSSSS!!!" then you're not alone! Check out what Richard Garfield, Ph.D., the creator of "Magic: The Gathering" has to say:

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